Misguided Travel Guides: Cousins Who’ve Just Had Babies

So on Tuesday Steven and I had just pulled into a La Quinta Inn in dreary West Texas when I got a text message from my cousin Michelle informing our family that she was inducing labor the following day and we’d soon have a new cousin. Since this is my Movie Cousin, who lives in LA and who I’d planned on staying with, I found this news somewhat disconcerting. Can you stay with someone who’s just given birth four days ago? Apparently yes!

And, okay, it’s not like Jeremy’s house, in that you aren’t having food pushed on you at every turn or discovering the secrets of Jeremy’s psyche, but there is a lot of sleeping baby holding involved, and that’s never bad:

OMG so tiny!

OMG so tiny!

So I would say to definitely go for it, if you have the opportunity/really nice cousins who don’t mind you eating their food and sleeping on their couch while they’re still sleep deprived.

They also have two fairly large dogs whom Steven spent a fair amount of time wrestling with around the time this picture got taken (otherwise they became preoccupied with licking the baby’s toes). Unfortunately there are no pictures of Steven lying on the ground with two large dogs attempting to lick his face and bite each other at the same time. Rest assured; it really happened.

2 responses to “Misguided Travel Guides: Cousins Who’ve Just Had Babies”

  1. Bova says:

    Ahh so cute!!! I take this picture as proof that you will be a great mom someday. I am so excited!

  2. Relative’s babies are awesome. They’re all the fun of normal babies with none of the feeding/changing/having-to-be-responsible-for-it-for-the-next-two-decades-ing.

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