The Passing of an Era

Officially not Secretary anymore as of last night… but still typing up transcripts!

Laura: I impeach Patricia because (something unintelligible about the PDR)
Bo: That’s not good enough! How many times have we been the victim of Patricia’s bitter–you know, just raise your hand if you haven’t been made fun of. (three people raise their hands)
Me: That’s probably because I don’t know your names.
Mason: Ohhhh, and that’s everyone.

One response to “The Passing of an Era”

  1. Bova says:

    Thank you for your messages Patricia…they were so nice!

    I think now that we have no official responsibilities on cabinet we should see how much havoc we can wreak. I am thinking maybe filibustering at the next cabinet meeting? I could read my angsty blog!! It will be awesome. Or we could not actually attend but rather pretend we are rehearsing a musical downstairs and play loud music and dance around in a distracting manner. That would be good. I love you!

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